This is Shaker Square Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who owns Shaker Square now?
A: The Square is still owned by Coral Company but it is being managed by a court-appointed receiver, Newmark.  

Q2: What is the current process for new ownership of the Square?
A: Shaker Square is currently under a receivership process.  The courts are the stewards of that   process and they are working with the bank and John Rothschild to vet bids for a new owner of Shaker Square to replace Coral Company.

Q3: Will the green space planning process begin again at a later date?  Will there be any changes to traffic patterns at Shaker Square when planning resumes?
A: The planning for the green space and space used for public space activation will resume after a new owner is identified. The ultimate desire of the entire community will be considered when reviewing traffic pattern changes along Shaker Blvd.  The considerations of merchants, pedestrians, and visitors of the Square will be major considerations in the review of future traffic changes along Shaker Blvd that impact the visibility and mobility of Shaker Square. 

Q4: Who do I call if I see a repair need at the Square?
A: The property manage for Shaker Square is NGKF. They can be reached at 216-453-3062 and after hours is 800-259-6132 or emailed at  Judithsimon@ngkf.com or Emily.dennis@ngkf.com.

Q5: Are the Clean and Safe Ambassadors still working on Shaker Square?
A: Yes, they are still patrolling during the hours of xxxa-xxp.  If you have questions or need an escort to walk with you on the square, please call xxxxxx

Q6: What is this petition I’ve seen circulating related to Shaker Square?
A: There is an active petition sponsored by Shaker Square Alliance that you can sign to show your support for Shaker Square staying in local ownership.  If you want to sign the petition to support Shaker Square, you can follow the link below to support and have your voice be heard.  

Sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/honorable-judge-ashley-kilbane-sos-save-our-square?recruiter=255653856&recruited_by_id=74574430-cbdb-11e4-b4ba-3103aabdda49&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=petition_dashboard