As Shaker Square approaches its 90th birthday, Cleveland community organizations have teamed up with Square ownership and a national consulting team to plan for the area’s future. The planning and implementation team is looking, specifically, at the public spaces of the landmark transit-oriented development (TOD) and how it connects with the neighborhoods and amenities that surround it. “This is Shaker Square” is a nine-month planning, design, and strategic implementation process that will engage regularly with Square residents, stakeholders, and the general public and will culminate in a consensus vision that is shared with the public in June of 2019.

Today, our intensive engagement continues, led by community planners at Burten Bell Carr. Conversations are underway and the team is committed to further engagement with merchants residents and others passionate about finding the right solution for Shaker Square that will best serve this unique community for 100 more years. If you are interested in talking more with our engagement team, please email us at Someone will get back with you to set up a time to talk with you individually or as a group.