Process Update

This is Shaker Square Project Community Engagement Progress Statement

This is Shaker Square is an ambitious project designed to realize the community’s aspirations for this Shaker Square neighborhood asset. Over the last nine months, a significant number of stakeholders participated in diverse opportunities for providing feedback, resulting in: more than 1,500 people attending public meetings; more than 1,000 completing the online survey; and, nearly a thousand more people who were engaged in various civic meetings or non-traditional outreach efforts. While much of the feedback has been positive, there remain strong concerns regarding access, parking, and the proposed rerouting of Shaker Boulevard. Those concerns have been heard and need to be addressed.

Input from as many stakeholders as possible is necessary to ensure success. Thus, additional rounds of planning are being scheduled to insure all input is solicited, listened to, and integrated into the planning before implementation plans will be moved forward.

The numbers cited above reflect the breadth of collective input and community engagement that went into this first draft (see for details). The next rounds of community meetings will continue to build on and elevate those community voices and maximize stakeholder involvement.

Cleveland City Councilman Blaine Griffin -and longtime Larchmere resident- offers a holistic view of this planning process: “This will ultimately be a multi-year effort and we hope to achieve rolling consensus on a path forward for this beloved landmark. I was impressed with the Shaker Square planning process and the effort extended to include all of the constituencies around the Square. The process is still in its early stages and the project team will continue to meet with stakeholders to better understandeveryone’s specific hopes and concerns to improve the Square. It is my hope the community will come together and walk confidently into the future with a vision for Shaker Square that respects where it has been, understands where it is now, and charts a bold course for where we are going.”

More to come as the conversation continues. Please watch for updates and/or follow us on social media.

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